Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Vacation and a Compilation

Hello All!

I'm currently on vacation enjoying the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado.  So far it's been pretty entertaining.  My aunt lives here, so we went to visit her the first night we got here.  She made us delicioussss pizza.  (We're italian, what do you expect?)  It was quite the adventure chasing around her two boys while we were there.

Today we went to a butterfly pavilion right across the street from our hotel.  The butterflies were so pretty and they just flew right around you.  Very cool.  Needless to say, I took many, many pictures.  Here are a couple:

Anyway, since I'm on vacation I'm not able to bake anything, so I figured I would just show you all a compilation of some of the desserts I've baked this summer.  If I remember where I got the recipe, I'll post the link beneath it.
Magic Peanut Butter Middles from BunsinMyOven. Oh my goodness. SO delicious. I love her blog and these are a must try.
I'm not really sure where I got this recipe, but it was a Lemon Bluberry Bundt cake. maybe?  That's where I get a lot of my recipes if I don't find them in one of my blogs.

Best cupcake I've ever made. Go here. Now.
I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVEE crostatas.  Probably one of my favorite desserts ever.   This is Ina Gartens recipe.  Soooooo good!

These were seriously so good.  I could not quit eating them.  One of my favorite recipes.  Also, I love Smitten Kitchen.  If you love oreos, you HAVE to make these.  They're a jazillion times better than store bought oreos.
This was the start of what turned out to be strawberry vanilla cake bites from my absolute favorite baker: Joy (the baker).  I wanted to make my friend something special for her birthday, but I didn't want to bake her a whole cake.  As always, Joy had the answer.  These were perfect and she absolutely loved them!  She ate one and told me she hated me.  That's how good they were.  I wish I had pictures of the finished product, but I was in a hurry to get them to her.  Go to Joy's (link below), hers are way more appealing than mine anyway.
One of my favorite cakes ever. The recipe is in the link below.  I added toasted oatmeal to the icing though.

Oh, woops. How'd these get here? :o) This is (from top to bottom) Tabby, Chloe, and Sunny.  If nobody else wants to eat my  irresistible, delicious, foul-proof, (okay...maybe I went a little far :oP) always perfect 'kreations', I can always count on them to.

Although I'm enjoying vacation right now, I can't wait to get back and start adding recipes!:)

Until next time,

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