Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cake Ball Trifle and a Linky Party!

My beautiful friend Molly awarded me with the "Stylish Blogger Award".

I'm feeling very lucky... thanks Molly! :)  I've mentioned her blog on here a few times, but if you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should!

Da Rules:

1. Say seven things about yourself
2. Pass on to other bloggers
3. Contact them and let them know!

I've already said 7 things about myself... but I'm going to try and do it again.

1.  I've never been to a concert.  Local concerts, yes, but never a really famous concert.  I would love to see Adele, Norah Jones, or Jack Johnson.  

2.  I go through phases... of everything.  Exercise, a certain food, reading, etc.  So when I don't exercise for a while, I don't tend to worry about it because I know I'll be back to it soon.

3.  I'm nervous about living with 3 other girls that I don't know next year.  Last year my roommate was a good friend of mine so I wasn't worried about it (and these year my roommates are my parents haha), but I've never met these girls!  Although I'm nervous, I'm also very excited.

4.  Even though my least favorite color has always been pink, I've started to like it more lately.  But I don't like admitting that.

5.  I can't stand to see anyone or anything get hurt.  Today, my cat killed a bird and all I could think about was the bird's family lol.

He's lucky he's cute.

6.  I eat my baked beans with honey.

7.  My current goal right now is to win this contest I've entered.  I am so excited I can barely take it.  It ends on May 20th and I can't stop thinking about it.  It would seriously make my day, year, life if I even made it to the final round.  More details later! :)

8.  I love linky parties.  I enter almost every single one I see and I love clicking through and finding new blogs.

Since I love linky parties so much, I decided to host my own.  No pictures, though, I'm just testing it out.  Let me know if you guys like it! Pleeeasse add your yummy treats to the list at the bottom of this post! :)

Cake Ball Trifle
*This is soooo adaptable, but using cake balls was probably the best idea I've ever had!


  • 2 cups crushed up Cake Balls
  • 1/2 (3.9 ounce) package instant chocolate pudding mix
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/2 package instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 cups heaving whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup sugar
    • 2 cups chocolate chip

    • Instructions

    1. Beat heavy whipping cream with sugar until stiff peaks form.
    2. In a large bowl, combine chocolate pudding mix, 1/4 cup water and 1/2 can sweetened condensed milk. Mix until smooth, then fold in 1/2 of the whipped cream mixture.
    3. In another bowl, combine vanilla pudding mix with the other 1/4 cup water and other 1/2 of the can of sweetened condensed milk.  Do not add whipped cream to this mixture!
    4. In a trifle bowl or glass serving dish, place half of the cake balls, half of the chocolate pudding mixture, half of the vanilla pudding, half of the chocolate chips and half of the whipped cream in layers. Repeat layers. Refrigerate 8 hours before serving. (or not...) 

I'm passing the "Stylish Blogger Award" on to:

Sherri Lynn


  1. The cake ball trifle looks amazing! I wanna dig right in ;)

  2. Awwweee, you are so sweet!!! Thanks! :)

    My sister's favorite color is Pink. Her room, her sheets, most of her clothes -- all pink. :) For me, it depends on the shade of pink. :)

  3. Wow your kitty really is gorgeous! :)

    Pink used to be my least favorite color too, but I have been embracing it these past couple of years. It was really hard for me to admit that at first too, haha!

    And girl, I hope your roomie situation is fabulous! My freshman year of college I roomed with a girl I had met like twice and had never met my other two roomies. Turned out to be some of the closest friends I made in college. Such beautiful friendships with those girls! :)

  4. Mmmm, mmmm I want to dive head first into that trifle!

  5. Oh my goodness that trifle looks wonderful!

    I am with ya on the not wanting to see things get hurt thing. I have hit only one animal since I started driving (knock on wood): a possum. And I pulled over by the side of the road and stayed until animal control came for its body and cried and cried.

  6. Aww thanks girl!! xoxo
    (I love pink too, I had to force myself to stop buying thinks that were even a little pink.)

  7. Awww, thank you Katie! That is so sweet. :)

  8.'re so sweet, Katie!! Thank you SO much for nominating me! :)

    I really enjoy learning more about you, and now I'm very curious about that contest you entered. Hardly waiting to find out about it! :)

    I can't believe you've never been to a concert before! Hope you get to see Norah Jones. I'd love to see her too! :)

    I've never heard of a linky party before so I have no idea if I like it or not. What's it all about?

    By the way, your trifle looks fantastic!!! I could totally go for one! :)

    How does having a blog party work?

    Thanks so much again, Katie! I really appreciate it! :)

  9. Ooohhh..I love your cake ball trifle. It looks scrumptious! :)

  10. You are too sweet Katie! Thank you. I love you girl. And your cake ball trifle?!? Woah. :-)

  11. I don't know why I'm showing up as Alainarosebud?! It didn't allow me to sign in properly. Weird.

  12. Your blog had me at helo! I also go through stages, I can get obsessed with something but I tend to overdo and get bored after a while and change to something else

  13. Oh the trifle looks so good and generous!

  14. Thanks so much for the award, I feel honoured :) I've added to your linky party too! The trifle looks yummy and now I also want to have honey with my baked beans!

  15. Congrats of the blogger award! That trifle looks deeeelish!! :)

  16. Oh YAY!!! Thank you so much. I will get right on this and try to think of some things to say about myself :-)

  17. Aww thanks girl!! xoxo
    (I love pink too, I had to force myself to stop buying thinks that were even a little pink.)

  18. you're very welcome!!

    thanks a bunch for adding to the linky party... and being the only one lol

  19. well thank you!!!! i do the same thing.

  20. love you too girl! and i don't know what's up with my commenting... i'm really contemplating deleting disqus because it messes up so often!

  21. you're welcome... thanks for reposting on your blog, sheila!! :) you're very sweet.

    i would loveee to see norah jones, we can go together haha

    to link up to the blog party you just have to click on the "add your link" button and it'll put one on for you! :)

  22. thanks, sable!!

    awww :( that's so sad! i would've probably done the same thing!

  23. thanks rach!!

    ahh thank you for the reassurance, the closer it gets, the more nervous i get :/

  24. you're welcome kathleen :)

  25. haha i wish i could send you some jenny!! :)

  26. You are too funny. That trifle looks awesome! I do have some leftover whipping cream... It would be a shame to waste it. Trifle sounds like a damn good option. Congratulations!


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