Sunday, July 24, 2011


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I'm in the transition between my Chicago vacation and my Portland vacation.I
The trip to Chicago was short, but completely worth it; filled with family, food, and sight-seeing.  The drive there was long, but I rode with my sister and two nieces and they made the time go by quickly.  We walked around Millenium Park and Michigan Avenue and took the Yellow Line to get there.  I liked the train, but I definitely preferred the Subway in New York.  It took about an hour to get from Evanston to Chicago and it felt like forever!  Once we got there though, it was pretty cool!

That night we went to my aunts house and she went all out!!  She had the road blocked off, huge speakers set up for music, table and chairs in the street, big, pretty lanterns in the trees, lots and lots of good food, etc. etc.  I got to see all of my family I haven't since for about 10 years and it was really nice to catch up with all of them.  I also got to meet my little cousins who are dolls!  One of my aunts brought a wishing lantern.  I'd never heard of it before, but it's just a paper lantern that everyone writes their wishes on and when you light it and send it into the air, your wish comes true.  Well, my cousin wrote "to be a fairy" and then today she called me and told me "My wish is coming true! I'm growing wings!!" So cute!

Anyway, I don't have any pictures to post yet, but I will when I get back from Portland! 

Do you have any cute little kid stories?

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  1. So cute! Enjoy your family time, it's precious!

  2. LOVE the lantern idea! I know there's a lantern festival in Asia where you do the same thing (write wishes on the lanterns then set them free). So cool that you guys did that too! And your little cousin sounds way adorable :) 

  3. Ahh, I went to chicago last year and got a lot of photos of my friends and I with the bean! chicago is an amazing city :)

  4. I'm so jealous of your vacationing! 

  5. lol :) it's okay, you can check the pics out now.. it's the same thing, right??

  6. me too!! so awesome... i'd never heard of it before. i'm checking out that lantern festival now.

  7. you're right, gen, it is precious!


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