Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sugar-Free Blackberry Apple Jam

I leave for college in one week.  That's it, just one week.

As excited as I am, I'm just as nervous, if not more.  Fortunately, I've been too busy lately to sit and contemplate how soon it really is that I'm leaving my home.

I know that this is a new opportunity that I should be embracing, but the thought of never actually living in my house again scares me.  I went through the same feelings two years ago when I headed to college as a freshman, but one of my best friends was going with me and was just as nervous as I was.  This time, I'm on my own.  I'm leaving my family and Kellen and it freakin' sucks! Luckily, my roommates seem really cool and I know that it will all be okay, it's just the initial shock that I have to get over.

One of my biggest concerns is the future of my blog.  I love everything about having this blog and being a part of the blogosphere.  I'm so worried that I'm not going to have enough time to blog, or enough money to buy my own ingredients, or that people will think I'm a freak because I'm in the lobby and I've just baked something, and now I'm setting it on some crazy-colored material, and now I'm taking 32014 pictures of it... and they're like "What the hell is wrong with that girl?" What do I do then?!?  So many worries!  Plus, I'm already pressed for finding time to blog and it's summer!  I don't know what the future will bring, but I do know that I'm going to keep this blog because I love it and I love you guys. Whether it's twice a week or once a month, and I hope you can stick with me! 

So, yeah, anyway...I made some jam.  It's sugar-free and tastes like it's store-bought, minus all the gross and processed ingredients. Perfect for PB&J's or just eating by the spoonful... or maybe that's just me. ;)

Do you guys have any tips on moving and continuing to keep up your blog? Or how about tips for coping with homesickness?!

Sugar-Free Blackberry Apple Jam

3 cups blackberries
1 cup applesauce
1 envelope gelatine
1-2 packets Splenda

1.  Mash blackberries until they turn into mush.
2.  Combine all ingredients in a saucepan until it starts to boil.
3.  Turn the heat down and simmer for 5 minutes.
4.  Let cool until it turns into a gelatin-like jam!


  1. Hum your jam looks delicious! That's funny because I made some today!!!
    Don't worry about your blog, I'm sure you'll have a great time in college, that's one of the great moments in life, and you could tell us about it and share pics too!^

  2. Blackberries are my favorite in jam, and your jam looks scrumptious! Good luck with college! I remember back a million years ago when I first left home, I worried about some of the same things. And don't worry about blogging (or what other people think of it.) It's not supposed to be a chore, rather something you enjoy doing when you're able. :)

  3. Gen is right, Just enjoy college and maybe incorporate it into your posts. You still have to eat in college, so just try to have your recipes reflect the kind of food you are eating. I'm sure you'll find a balance.

  4. Don't sweat what folks will think of you for taking 32014 pictures of
    whatever you baked. That may be one of the least crazy things people see on campus.  Besides, I'm willing to bet that after seeing you do that a
    couple times, people will start asking what you're doing. You may find
    yourself gaining new blog readers and friends!

    Definitely enjoy yourself at college. If the blog content changes to reflect the changes in your life, I think that's perfectly fine and normal.  If that means you blog less about food and more about the goings on of college life, so be it. Hang in there and do what you need to do to succeed in school and life. The blog is definitely secondary to that.

    When I went to college, I was on my own too. It is pretty scary and nerve wracking.  It's also a big adventure and good practice for when you might move to a completely new city for a job. Perhaps focus more on the new things you can see, do and experience and less on what you leave behind? That was always my approach.

    Take care and best of luck!!

  5. that's weird! thanks gen.
    i appreciate that! those are all good ideas!

  6. thanks nicole! you're right, that's a good idea.

  7. thanks so much! 
    all of your kind words made me step back and realize that it's going to be okay. 
    i really appreciate it. :)

  8. I'm dying to make this!!!! It looks wonderful!!!

    This transition period that you're going through sounds difficult because you're gonna be going through a lot of changes in your life...leaving friends and loved ones and trying to adjust to a different lifestyle.

    Here's my advice. Try not to worry because it really doesn't help at all. I know...easier said than done. :)

    Hopefully talking to your boyfriend, family, and friends on Skype will help some. If you can, try to go back and visit with them as much as you can.

    I'm sure everyone in college is gonna love you to pieces. You're a sweet person and everyone loves yummy home cookin' so they're not gonna think you're weird or anything. They're gonna be looking forward to what you're baking because, of course, you'll be sharing with them.

    As for the cost of food in college...well...that can be a challenge, but I'm sure you're up for the challenge. I'll bet you're gonna come up with all kinds of meals that are easy on a college budget yet still very tasty.

    As for the blog...definitely keep it. Post when you have time...even if it's only once or twice every week or two. I'll be looking forward to what you're baking, and I'll be checkin' out your website for sure! I've no doubt your other followers will too.

    I don't subscribe to anyone's blog so don't think that because I'm not a subscriber I won't be following you. I just don't subscribe to blogs because it would freak me out to see so many messages in my inbox. :)

    Anyway, I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Just try to think of it as a new adventure. You'll learn how to manage your time and will have made tons of friends! Have fun! sheila

  9. sheila! 
    skype will be my savior! i didn't even think about skype.
    thank you so much for everything you said.  i can't thank you enough :) you really made my day AND gave me a wonderful idea to maybe change the aspect of my blog a bit... like to baking on a budget. 
    like i said, thanks so much!! you're the best!


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